Governor Walker Has One Last Chance, According to BIA and Menominee Tribe

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The Menominee Tribe of northern Wisconsin has appealed one last time to Governor Walker, regarding his decision to deny the Hard Rock entertainment and casino development in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It would have been constructed on the site of a previous gambling facility … Continued

The Time Has Come (Again) For Caledonia

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WE’VE BEEN TOLD NO BEFORE In 1842 the Town of Caledonia was established after it had grown beyond a few farms to an actual community. Governor Doty of the Wisconsin Territory signed into law the creation of what would one … Continued

Robin Williams’ Poetic Death And Life

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From Good Morning, Vietnam to Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams delighted audiences for four decades with his mixture of boyish hyperactivity and solemn veracity. Today, he apparently chose to end his life in a suicide far too reminiscent of an instance … Continued