The Cult of Trump – Obama Déjà Vu

COMPETITION IS GOOD – POPULISM IS NOT It’s great to have competition. Conservatives believe in the power of fair competition to improve, streamline and ultimately expand things – especially in politics, where multiple challengers can cause others to be better candidates. … Continued

Better Prepared, Experienced Gov Rick Perry Aims For Nod

  BETTER, NOT MERELY SECOND CHANCES Much has been made of his failed 2012 GOP nomination for President, but fmr. Texas Governor Rick Perry knows a thing or two about stumbling: it is almost a required process to achieve success, a rite of passage … Continued

Rave: The Democrat’s New Form of Slavery

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This column piece was written by Ann Coulter and featured in Human Events, on,Whistleblower Magazine and on IMPORTING A SLAVE CLASS ‘Vast class of unskilled immigrants is the left’s new form of slavery’ by Ann Coulter Apparently, my position on immigration is … Continued

Rant: Bite My Flag!

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Apparently patriotic displays of the American flag have increased tension in a local Oceanside High School, so the entire Oceanside Unified School District has banned all flags and patriotic clothing. Superintendent Ken Noonan made a decision last week asking students to … Continued