Last Minute Desperation By A Bad Candidate

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According to Steitz, this is an “inference” of endorsement. In this case, he’s right.


24 hours from now, the seminal moment of the Wisconsin primary season will culminate in thousands of voters streaming to the polls and selecting their nominees for each party in the November general election.

Here in the 21st Wisconsin Senate district, lawyer Jonathan Steitz is challenging fmr. Senator Van Wanggaard for the Republican nomination, and it has come with it’s share of rancor and wit.

While other races in Wisconsin have been a friendly contact sport, this local race has been anything but calm. The night that Wanggaard was unfairly recalled for having taken the bold step of voting for Wisconsin’s revolutionary Act 10, he assured the crowd from Buona Vita in 2012 that he would be running again for the same seat when he had the next chance.

Nonetheless, Jonathan Steitz, who lost a recall against Sen. Bob Wirch (D-Kenosha) in 2011 took advantage of a redrawn district to run a primary against Wanggaard. Perhaps presumptuous, Steitz told several leaders including businessman Brian Dey and myself that his motivation for running was to “change the way people get elected here” – after thousands of years of political history, he intended to single-handedly alter that.

So, the man who previously held not as much as a Park Commission seat was now running for the highest legislative position in the state.

According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement. Vos has endorsed Wanggaard.
According to Steitz, this is an “inference” of endorsement, right? Vos has endorsed Wanggaard.


Like a page from Of Mice and Men, Steitz appeared to be the amiable, goodhearted challenger looking to make things better. But this Seabiscuit challenge turned out to be more like a Civil War Reconstruction and it drove friends against one another. Steitz surrounded himself with a Wayne’s World group of barn-burning disciples and aligned himself with conservative outfit MediaTrackers, who has a reputation of questionable ethics, mistaken research and unprofessional reporting. Three members of the Racine County GOP are gone, donations have stunted all around and focus on Governor Walker’s race has been diluted in the puddles created by this unneeded “cleansing.” While pretending to be a peacemaker, he has been disingenuous.

It’s been a mess.

Rather than cut his losses and coast into the primary with his head held high, Steitz recently sent out a press release strangely containing the entire text of two articles badly written by an “anonymous” author, then issued an email this morning to supporters in which he not only repeated the complete fabrications he based his campaign on, but sarcastically construed Wanggaard as something similar to current officeholder, John Lehman (D), using partial quotes and omitting key words to change their meaning.

This kind of behavior is not only immature, but it is divisive and pathetic. When you’re lacking substance (or a basic English class), you use the word, “infer.” English 101: the speaker “implies,” listeners “infer.” Touché.


Below is the text of the email. He has chosen his words eerily like the Democrats


Via Jonathan Steitz For Senate:

Dear Friend, there’s an age-old saying that, “A politician will say (or do) anything to get reelected.”

Wouldn’t we use the same line against a Democrat in November?

With a little more than 24 hours to go, my opponent is doing everything he can to make sure that statement remains tested and true.

On the eve of a primary, you pull out the brick-laden pillow cases for a man you called a friend by saying he lied?

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.59.07 PM
According to Jonathan Steitz, this is “inference” of endorsement by Wanggaard-supporter Paul Ryan

The past weekend my opponent, Van Wanggaard, proved how badly he wants his old job back by: Sending out a last-minute mail piece inferring Gov. Walker endorsed him in this race. The Governor has remained neutral in this race.

Then why are you posting pics of yourself with Walker too, as well as Paul Ryan who actually HAS endorsed Van Wanggaard? 

Van’s piece never made that “inference.” When someone uses the word “inference” it means they’re about to say something untrue. Posting pics, like you, is to show your PHILOSOPHICAL ALIGNMENT, not to “infer” endorsement. But, “inference” = whatever Steitz says it means. 

Trying to convince GOP primary voters that he’s always supported Act 10, even though the overwhelming evidence says otherwise.

What “overwhelming evidence” is this? Van voted 3rd for it, as is, in committee. This is a lie.

Claiming he’s never considered including police and firefighters under the Act 10 provisions, even though he was pushing an amendment to do just that.

He never made such a claim. He correctly stated this was the consensus of the entire caucus – something you were never a part of, only heard third-hand – a caucus looking to pass a nearly torpedoed bill that barely made constitutional muster. Van never wavered.

Van lost his job in the 2012 recall elections, with the liberal-driven controversy surrounding Act 10 serving as cause.

So, you’re admitting Van was recalled because of Act 10, but you claim he didn’t support it?

It’s the same 2012 recall election which had both Gov. Walker and Van on the same ballot-and the same election in which thankfully Gov. Walker won both statewide and within the old 21st Senate District.

Jonathan…. you lost in your neighboring recall too – by a FAR larger margin. What’s your point? Van lost by 834 votes, you lost by 5,862.

Van shouldn’t have been recalled, and he shouldn’t have lost that election – especially considering that Gov. Walker won the district on the same day.

And are you going to tell us why you think that is? Didn’t think so. Just a drive-by hit. It’s awesome that you just endorsed him, though… by “inference.”

But he did, and now it’s time to focus on the best candidate to move our state forward.

We will, in our new district. And its not an inexperienced, vindictive and untruthful opportunist, but a man who proudly voted for Act 10, knowing it would cost him his job.


While Steitz proudly pictures himself with Gov. Walker (see below), he opposes his stance on School Choice. While displaying many pics with Rep. Ryan, Steitz openly criticizes the policies for which he stands and the methods which brought Ryan into the arena. The truth is that politics is a bare knuckles game, and the position-shopping Jonathan Steitz is playing a sport he knows nothing about and is not ready for. 

Join Reps. Paul Ryan, Robin Vos, Samantha Kerkman, Sheriff Schmaling, Sheriff Beth, Executive Ladwig and 100 other elected leaders and vote for Van Wanggaard on Tuesday, August 12!



Here are some proudly-displayed photos “inferring” endorsement, by none other than Jonathan Steitz:


According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.
According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.
According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.
According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.
According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.
According to Steitz, this is an "inference" of endorsement.