Rave: The Definition of a Patriotic Citizen

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By Monica Frede

All the talk by political leaders, most notably President Obama, keeps emphasizing America’s citizens. I hear it especially on this day of recognizing patriotism… but every time they do it seems they keep talking about the RIGHTS of citizens, the PLIGHT of citizens, the culture, spirit, blah blah blah.

What about the OBLIGATION of a citizen?

Doesn’t a citizen have an obligation to their community? Well, sure, but liberal thinkers believe that’s only if you’re making enough money to tax you and share your discretionary income with others who have no responsibility to speak of. The sure few that face obstacles at no fault of their own are dwarfed by the massive numbers of people who milk the system for all it’s worth, appearing to have needs, needs in the least created by a life of irresponsibility. And usually those needs, legitimate or not, are worsened by the system that never holds them accountable. It facilitates a life of expectation, and breeds a generation of entitled brats.

The obligation of a citizen isn’t to take care of his neighbor by government-compelled charity. The obligation of a citizen is to take care of his OWN life and his OWN responsibilities and hopefully to succeed enough that he finds himself in a place to help others. …out of the kindness of his own heart and gratitide for a community that affords them the freedom to accomplish this ability. Private charity is far more effective, accountable and mobile than government molasses.

Obama wants to see Americans RISE to the occasion to serve their neighbor. Great. Good sound bite. Then call Americans to give. But also call Americans to LIVE.

Convict them of their selfish ways… not selfish because they won’t hand a buck to an addict, or a gangster who got shot and is now a quad sitting in government housing requiring 4 times-a-day nursing care…

Convict them of their selfish ways – of living life for only themselves and taking whatever the government or their neighbors give them without the impulse that says “no, I have more pride than that – no handouts for me”.The President has a unique opportunity right now in this economic climate to call all Americans to the conviction of living a productive, prosperous life that will reduce their dependency on government and produce solid citizens.

Hey, Mr President, just a heads up: Prosperous people create more tax revenue… to fund the programs that can legitimately help those in need.

Hey, Mr Biden: Pay your “patriotic” taxes and shut up, let me keep mine.

Mr whoever else is in charge these days: Tell the Americans with their hands out to live the life of a responsible citizen and stop telling me to open mine.

Stop redefining “citizenry” to those who already understand it, and start encouraging those that don’t understand to start doing so… or receive nothing.

The rest that remain are the ones that really need it. Let’s focus on those.

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