Donald trump Won The Smallest GOP Share In Modern History

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The Cheet-O Jesus, who once remarked on how his daughter was so hot, he might date her if she wasn’t his blood just couldn’t avoid the attraction tonight as she introduced him to throngs of Republicans cheering his Democratic coup.


The sales pitch you hear from the trumpians is almost incessant: “trump won more votes than any Republican in history! He’s the choice of the American people!”


Except anyone with 3rd grade math skills knows better. His 14 million votes were the most votes for a single candidate, but the smallest percentage of all primary votes for a nominee in a national Republican primary EVER, and the lowest for any candidate since 1968. Saying he won more votes than any Republican in history is like saying you sold double the lemonade on a hot day.

45% of 31 million is not history. it’s the lowest percentage, ever for a nominee.,_1968,_1972,_1976,_1980,_1988,_1992,_1996,_2000,_2008,_2012,_2016