Running Toward The Fight

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Memorial Day Weekend Observed At Arlington National Cemetery



To remember this Memorial Day, we honor those willing to run to the fight, because it takes a special kind of person.


The men are few who are bold enough to stand; fewer still are those brave enough to fight. All men are called to the first, but some are born for the latter. What separates the two is that dream which God gives the strongest of us, while the thankful are those who make a home for their safe return. While many dissenters believe that peace comes free, these men of dreams stand watch to ensure that it truly is.


To The Valiant Knights Abroad


A man of many dreams, Did strive to make them right.

He bore the sword of peace, And swore to us his life.


While men of hell go wander, He stands there in the sand,

Where no one dared to build; A fortress made of man.


Strands of men have died To weave their flag in mud;

The banner of a thousand voices Lifts high o’er the blood.


‘Tis peace in life, at home, in sleep, That good men go to fight;

For what, does hell do sleep ‘Cause coward men deny?


No! Dungeons wreak of horror; The sins of men gone stale.

Upon this we take no chances, For peace should never fail.


Our land of natural lines, With shining walls of might,

Needs warriors of steel Defending yours and mine.


Now, lesser men do banter, Using freedom never earned;

While man of dreams stands cover Till the hell of earth is spurned!


Edward Willing

Copyright ©2003 WND Publishing/Edward Willing