20130302_021656000_iOSEd Willing is a small-business owner, blogger and political activist from the Southeast Wisconsin. He also serves as a trustee on his Village Board, and is involved in local school choice grassroots.

A strong passion for history, economics and local education has given him opportunities to share knowledge of the Constitution through his involvement in FoundersIntent.org, a non-profit dedicated to engaging local communities in good government and great education, in the spirit of the Founders’ vision for American life.

Being a small business owner, author and family man has given Willing a passion for economic reform and community education that is insatiable, shown in his local efforts and online ventures.

He has written the book Part Time Nation, about the effect of government policy and it’s unintended consequences. He continues to write for multiple publications and has hosted his own blog since 1999.



Currently, Ed is working full time as a technology sales executive and writes freelance.

Ed serves as a village Board Member for the Village of Caledonia, Vice President of the Parks and Recreation Commission and as Village Liaison for the Central Racine Health Board. His website is VoteWilling.com

He also has served as a consultant to numerous campaigns and trains volunteers for door-to-door activities.